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Established in January 2010, Hangzhou otai Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Dongzhou New District, Fuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, a national-level development zone. It is 2 kilometers away from the entrance of Dongzhou Island of Hangqian Highway. It is a professional company specializing in servo motors and DC motors. The national high-tech enterprises of research, production and sales of low-power motors. The company occupies more than 13 acres, building area of 10250 square meters, annual production of various types of motor up to 100 million units, existing staff of 120 people, including 17 professional and technical personnel, accounting for 14.17% of the total number of employees.

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Servo motor with deceleration airport

1. What is the high precision? It is necessary to move the load and require precise positioning. Generally, it is like automation equipment such as av...



Servo motor specifications

The specifications of each type of servo motor have parameters such as rated torque, maximum torque and motor inertia. There is a correlation between ...

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